Thursday Jun 15, 2023

A roadmap to ALS prevention: strategies and priorities

In this episode, JNNP's new podcast host Dr. Saima Chaudhry (1) speaks with Dr. Michael Benatar (2) about his recently published article, "A roadmap to ALS prevention: strategies and priorities". This explores a new approach to Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, with an emphasis on earlier treatment before significant damage has occurred. This is important due to the limited capacity of the central nervous system to repair itself. The researchers involved sought to understand contributing factors for ALS risk, and to identify high-risk groups for further study.

Note: The genetic therapy referred to as Tofersen, under review at the time of recording, has been approved by the FDA: 

You can read the paper at the following link: 

(1) Warren Alpert Medical School, Brown University, Rhode Island, USA

(2) Department of Neurology, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Miami, FL, USA


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